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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Our Environmental Footprint

Scope 1: Sales, Marketing and Office Emissions Details


CO2 GRO does not lease any office space, nor operate any manufacturing or processing facility directly.

Our Scope 1 direct carbon footprint is minimal as our twelve full-time staff work from home as do many of our thirty North American Sales Reps and another fifteen employed by our international partners.

Most people or partners who sell our CO2 Delivery Solutions™ are part-time, independent contractors or work for our international partners as contact points for their organizations.

Apart from required business travel and the Scope 2 manufacturing of the component parts of our CO2 Delivery Solutions™ systems and transportation thereof for sales and technology trials in the 19 countries we operate, CO2 GRO does not directly emit any CO₂ gas from how we conduct our business.


Scope 2: Manufacturing Emissions Details


CO2 GRO sources several manufacturers to produce components of our CO2 Delivery Solutions™. Our manufacturers require mostly stainless steel, aluminum and plastics as raw materials for the component parts of our CO2 Delivery Solutions™ systems.

Our systems also use timers, rotameters, valves, dissolving CO2 chambers, pumps to activate misting lines and related miscellaneous components.

The plastics are mostly for flexible PVC based misting pipes that we, our customers and/or third-party contractors install to our specifications depending on the grower and the facility’s geography.

While there are a number of components that are employed in a CO2 Delivery Solutions™ system, their weight and volume (space occupied in storage and shipping) is negligible, helping to suppress a carbon footprint associated with sourcing, manufacturing and shipping the components.

In a NetZero environment we believe the ghg’s emitted in sourcing and manufacturing our component parts is more than offset by the benefits our CO2 Delivery Solutions™ brings to people, the planet and prosperity such as increased food output, higher quality food, lower pesticide use, more local food output and faster time to crop maturity.


CO2 GRO's ESG Goals

Through feasibility studies and commercial trials, CO2 GRO has demonstrated the potential of its technology to help:

Increase protected-ag revenue and profitability
Increase food supply from all existing protected-ag facilities
Improve the quality and safety of food production and human worker health
Reduce new protected-ag infrastructure requirements
Work in urban and vertical protected-ag facilities in cities
Lead to responsible and sustainable food production
Lead to 90% less CO₂ consumption than CO₂ gassing greenhouses
Increase food production at lower cost and need for more land use
Help us operate internationally with local partners

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