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Our technology offers several benefits

Our technology creates an aqueous CO₂ microfilm on your crop leaves that provides CO₂ enrichment as well as microdosing of other desired nutrients. Not only does this boost yield by up to 30%, it also protects your crop from pathogens such as powdery mildew.

Nutrient Delivery
Nutrient Delivery
CO2 GRO's aqueous solution delivers CO₂ and many desired nutrients.
Our technology enables the shift to daily microdosing instead of periodic fertilization.
Microfilm Technology
Microfilm Technology
CO₂ microfilm technology to suppress diseases such as powdery mildew.
CO2 GRO Technology

How our aqueous CO₂ solution works


Understanding CO2 GRO's methodology

CO₂ from a cylinder and water from the facility source are fed into the CO₂ Infusion System, which comes as an in-situ system or can be integrated into booms.
The CO₂ completely dissolves and saturates in the water creating an aqueous CO₂ solution.
The aqueous CO₂ solution is targeted directly on to the plant's leaves by misting micro droplets that create a microfilm on leaf's surface.
This film isolates the leaf surface from the atmosphere and creates a diffusion gradient that enables the CO₂ to diffuse into the leaf through the cuticle.
The carbon is used by the plant for photosynthesis to grow and the oxygen is given off to the atmosphere.
More carbon is now available for the roots and shoots to grow, increasing yield and profits.

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