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CO2 GRO Inc. is an innovative precision ag-tech company focused on providing its CO2 Enrichment Solutions™ technology to the global protected agricultural sector.

Its patented technology provides the service of C-stainable™ crop production and Pathogen Perimeter Protection™ for healthier crops by enriching plants with CO₂ via an aqueous CO₂ microfilm on the leaf surface, boosting yield by up to 30%, reducing CO₂ gas emissions of facilities currently employing atmospheric CO₂ by up to 95%, and potentially doubling grower profits.

CO2 GRO Inc. is committed to creating value for its shareholders by increasing the value of protected grow facilities sustainably, reducing their environmental footprint, and supporting its employees and local communities.

Please call us today to discuss our CO2 Enrichment Solutions™ irrigation improvement system installation and C-stainable™ & Pathogen Perimeter Protection™ plant yield enhancement services.