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Case Studies


Technology trials were conducted on bell peppers with Hidroexpo in El Salvador. ½ of a one-hectare open sided greenhouse was misted with aqueous CO₂ solution versus ½ hectare ambient CO₂ conditions.
The trial was conducted for two seasons from October 2020 to April 2021 and August 2021 to April 2022.

  • 20% fruit increase vs ambient CO₂ in season one
  • 30% fruit increase in season 2 after optimizing protocols
  • Nearly doubled profits


Technology Trial conducted in the final 16 weeks of a 32 week season.
Despite starting half way in the season, overall production per square meter increased by 10% in the treated section vs control.

  • Overall kg/m² has increased by 10%
  • Calibre 27 tomatoes (highest value) are now 3% versus 1% of yield (3x increase)
  • Calibre 25 tomatoes (second highest value) increased from 24% to 33% of total yield (37.5% increase)
  • Quality defects are down 8%


6,000 m² technology trial at The Cucumber Man in Alberta resulted in 20% more English Cucumber production per m² compared to the other greenhouses.

  • 20% increase in production
  • Larger cucumber
  • Grower did not have to use any traditional powdery mildew suppression techniques
  • CO2 GRO’s Pathogen Perimeter Protection™ benefit did the trick

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    Our recent rose trial in Colombia produced great results.

    • High-grade high value roses realized a 21% production increase
    • High-grade roses are over 55 cm in stem length and have 6 cm wide flower buds
    • 75% reduction in powdery mildew spread


    Technology trial was conducted on Black Magic Kale variety in a containerized grow system. Treatment plants were misted with aqueous CO₂ solution while control were not.
    Chlorophyll A (a measure of photosynthetic activity) was measured during the grow cycle.
    The increase in photosynthetic activity resulted in a similar corresponding increase in biomass.

    • 37% increase in biomass
    • 34% increase in chlorophyll A

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