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Meet CO2 GRO’s New Sales Engineer

Meet CO2 GRO’s New Sales Engineer

Have you met CO2 GRO’s newest sales engineer Miguel Gonzalez? Gonzalez joined CO2 GRO full time in July after spending about two years as a part-time sales consultant. He loves the product, has passion for the industry, and most of all, believes there’s a great opportunity for CO2 GRO in the market right now that he is keen to help tap.

Born and raised in the Andes mountains in Medellin, Colombia, Gonzalez moved to the USA when he was 18 to pursue a BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. 

Trained in science, math, computers, and technology, Gonzalez has always had a passion for agriculture. 

“I believe in human curiosity, science, and collaboration to tackle the big challenges around us. Food is among the biggest and most immediate challenges requiring attention. As our population grows, we must use our resources more intelligently. I want to help optimize food production, minimize our environmental impact, protect our land and water, and drive efficient use of energy,” said Gonzalez. 

During his consulting stint at CO2 GRO – speaking with customers and partners – Gonzalez realized that “CO2 GRO is disrupting the industry, creating new standards and influencing the adoption of new processes among some of the most advanced growers in the world”.  

CO2 GRO – despite being an innovative technology in and of itself – can help growers tending to covered crop facilities whether they’re basic, rudimentary facilities such as tunnels and shade houses or technologically advanced and feature-rich greenhouses. 

In the past 12 months, Gonzalez has witnessed the success we’ve had with technology trials at greenhouses across the world, growing peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and more. He understands the opportunity that represents and is passionate about the results that CO2 GRO can deliver. 

“No matter where we start out, growers who work with us are ultimately impressed with what we help them achieve in their facilities. The increase in yield, the boost in quality, the higher margins – they all bring a welcome change of pace for growers constantly battling rising costs in today’s market.” 

The icing on the cake, however, is the fact that CO2 GRO is a clean-tech solution that helps amplify yield to meet the needs of a growing population. “Our technology and innovation can help protect the environment and feed the world, which puts the focus on people, planet, and prosperity – for everyone”. 

Gonzalez shares CO2 GRO’s vision and is keen to help growers learn what it means to use an aqueous CO2 microfilm in their covered crop facilities. Reach out to Miguel ([email protected]) for more information now. 

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