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CO2 GRO at the AMHPAC 2022 Congress

CO2 GRO at the AMHPAC 2022 Congress

CO2 GRO was represented at the AMHPAC 2022 Congress in Mexico by its partner Rancho Nexo. The team – Matt Grant, Humberto Mayorga, and Adela Arnaiz – were delighted to meet everyone from the industry.  

With  hundreds of people in attendance, including some of the largest growers in Mexico, the Rancho Nexo team found many familiar faces greeting them and had the opportunity to connect with several new people ranging from growers at top-tier grow houses spanning hundreds of hectares to those at small grow houses looking for new and innovative solutions. There was also interest in CO2 GRO’s technology from greenhouse manufacturers attending the event. 

“What we offer has a wide appeal because it works in all kinds of greenhouses, be it high-tech, mid-tech, or even low-tech,” said Matt Grant, CEO at Rancho Nexo. 

The AHMPAC 2022 Congress organizing committee attracted the right kind of people to the event – but they also went the extra mile to ensure delegates, exhibitors, and sponsors found interesting learning opportunities at each session. 

Mayorga and Grant, for example, enjoyed a session that touched upon the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the opportunities it brought to growers in Mexico.  

The session was refreshing because it reiterated the importance of using solutions that help reduce the carbon footprint, lower the use of pesticides, and leverage sustainable methods, all of which are things CO2 GRO emphasized recently in its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report

“Some of the other presenters at the event including Enrique Quintana from El Financiero talked about the economic impact of the impending recession, trade agreements with the US and EU, and logistics and trade operations impacting growers here in Mexico,” explained Grant. 

Pamela Riemenschneider, Retail Editor of Blue Book Services, was invited to talk about Retail Grocery Trends in the US (one of the primary export markets for Mexican growers).  

Armed with interesting data and statistics, Riemenschneider made the point that more than 90% of people in the industry are concerned about inflation and more than 80% believe it will impact prices at grocery stores for at least a year – some even believing the impact will last for two or more years. 

According to the Numerator Price Pulse Survey (March 2022) data Riemenschneider shared with the audience, Dollar stores showed the largest increase in grocery prices vs. YA (+14.3%) and 2YA (+22.5%).  

Further, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers are paying prices roughly 11.3% higher than a year ago vs. Gen Z consumers facing a more significant increase of 13.5% – all of which indicates more pressure on the margins of growers. 

Working with CO2 GRO can provide respite – especially as our technology boosts yield by about 30% as demonstrated in technology trials with tomato, pepper, cucumber, leafy greens, and other crops – in Mexico as well as overseas. Further, we help improve quality, reduce or even eliminate the use of pesticides, and ensure the most efficient use of CO2. All of this helps us enable growers to fight inflationary pressures, protect and increase their margins, and stay in business for the long-term – sustainably. 

To learn more about CO2 GRO, visit our website now. If you’d like to see some pictures from the event – including photos of our partners at the 5k marathon organized by the AMHPAC 2022 Congress team, visit our social media page now. Follow us and join our newsletter to be part of our journey. Stay tuned!

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